The Fixed Diameter Hole Opener is made of tough heat treated alloy steel for maximum strength. Hole opener Cutter arms are equipped with removable cutters, which were hardfaced and welded on the hole opener body. Cutters are available in three types: type SM for soft to medium formation, type MH for medium to hard formation and type XH for hard formation. The hole openers have three or six jet tubes with replaceable nozzles, so that jet streams quickly clean the enlarged hole.

    drill bit, oilfield, downhole, nearbit, string, hardfacing, stabilizer, drilling tool

    Types of cutters (SM,MH,XH)    

    drill bit, oilfield, downhole, nearbit, string, hardfacing, stabilizer, drilling tool        


    Std opening hole Nb Pilot   hole(mini) Fishing Neck  Bottom conn. Bore Overall Length Weight with cutters (kg)approx.
    of cutters Length  Dia.  Top conn. 
    12 1/4’’ 3 8-1/2’’ 18’’ 8’’ 6-5/8REG 4-1/2REG 1-1/2’’ 60’’ 360
    17 1/2″ 3 10-1/2″ 18 9-1/2 7-5/8REG 7-5/8REG 2-1/4 59 550
    26 3 17-1/2″ 18 10 7-5/8REG 7-5/8REG 3 69 900
    36 3 24″ 20 9 7-5/8REG 7-5/8REG 3 75 1000
    4 18″ 43 10 7-5/8REG 7-5/8REG 3-1/2 104 1540
    * Other sizes available under customer needs.

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