Size: 2 7/8”, 3 1/2”, 4 1/2”, 5”, 5 1/2”
    Connection: API Regular, PAC, H90
    Standard: API 7, NS-1, DS1
    Landrill heavy weight drill pipe is made from one piece of AISI 4145H solid bar, fully heat treated, all physical properties conform to API Spec 7 latest edition, can easily solve problems arising in vertical holes in soft formation by replacing part of the drill collars. The advantages include:
    1. Reduced torque in high-rpm, deep drilling.
    2. Less trip time as compared to handling a long string of drill collars.
    3. Fewer tool-joint connection failures.
    4. Easy in handling and transporting to and from locations
    5. Help for keeping direction of directional well.
    Heavy weight drill pipe's wear resistance hardbanding is standard on tool joints connections and central upset. Hardbanding is made by an automatic machine after preheating the pipe and is followed by stress relieving.
    Standard Bands:
    One 4" wear band on both pin and box end, plus one 1" band on 18°shoulder of box.
    Two 3" wear bands on central upsets
    The hardbanding is completely flush on both tool joints and 1/8" oversize on the central upset (fully flush on request).
    The types of Hardbanding include Iron-Matrix powder alloy, Tungsten Carbide particle, and Arnco 100XT.
    SFMC HWDP could be coated internally with DPC (equivalent to TK 34) as customer's request that are able to prevent corrosion and extend the lifetime of the heavy weight drill pipe.
    Mechancial Properties: 

    Yield Strength MPa
    Tensile Strength Mpa
     Elongation %
    Hardness BrinellHB
    Impact AKVJ
    Average value ≥54
    Minimum value ≥47

     drill bit, oilfield, downhole, nearbit, string, hardfacing, stabilizer, drilling tool

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