Crawler-type layout, the feeding and lifting of rotator are drive by series motor with gear and chain with a long stroke, 3.5m stroke. The rotation of spindle is driven by a singel engine. It has four mechanical shifts, and it speed could be adjusted by hydraulic pressure with stepless speed change. The mast has the function of sliding and touching ground; the spindle lifted and lowered with oil cylinder; it could be folded for transportation and storing. The spindle has a big diameter hole. The spindle has high-precision structure.  

    This type of drill rig can take the place of imported products and be applied in the fields of geology, metallurgy, coal mines, petroleum, natural gas and underground water exploration.  

    Hydraulic core drill rig, Full hydraulic drill rig, Mining rig

    Main Technical Features:


    Diesel engine Model HYDX-4
    Model Cummins 6BTA5.9-C180
    Power 132kW
    Speed 2200rmp
    Drilling Capacity BQ 1000m 
    NQ 700m 
    HQ 500m 
    Rotator Capacity Max.Torque 4200 N.m
    Hold Diameter Φ98mm
      Max.Lifting Capacity of Spindle 150kN
    Max.Feeding Power 60kN
    Capacity of Main Hoist Hoisting Force (Single wire) 57kN
    Steel Wire Diameter 12mm 
    Steel Wire Length 50m 
    Capacity of Steel Wire hoist Hoisting Force (Single wire) 12kN (Bare drum)
    Steel Wire Diameter 6 mm 
    Steel Wire Length 1000 m 
    Mast Mast Height 11 m 
    Mast Adjusting Angle 0°- 90°
    Drilling Angle 45°- 90°
    Feeding Stroke 3500 mm 
    Slippage Stroke 600 mm 
    Other Weight 9300kg 
    Dimensions (L x W x H) Main equipment
    5100 x2200 x 2890mm
    Transport Way Crawler
    Mud Pump Model BW-150
    Food clamp Clamping Scope 55.5-110 mm
    (Through hole Φ154 mm)


    Rotary Reamer is designed for various reams in drilling operation. HCR-8 is suitable to use in plains, hills, high temperature as well as low temperature places. The main machine is integrated in structure, which consists of self-propelled chassis, power, mud pump and hoist, etc. It is wire-line coring, and at the same time has the unique top drive function. The Maximum torque is 7200N.m (5307lbf.ft), wihch will be much more suitable for large dia.drilling in coal bed methane, hydrology and water well. 

    Main Technical Data: 

    Power unit Weichai WP12.375 276 Kw/2100 rpm
     Drilling Capacity BQ 3000 m 
    NQ 2400 m 
    HQ 1700 m 
    Drillhead Capability Spindle speed 0-1250rpm Three shifts/Changeable stepless
    Max.rotation torque of spindle  7200 N.m (at 170rpm)
    1300 N.m (at 1250rpm)
    Spindle diameter Φ 121 mm
    Max.lifting capacity of spindle 295 kN
    Max. feeding capacity 152 kN
    Main hoister Lifting capacity (single rope and empty drum) 120 kN
    Steel wire diameter 22 mm 
    Steel wire length 60 m 
    Wire line winch Hoisting capacity 15 kN
    Steel wire diameter 6 mm 
    Steel wire length 2800 m 
    Mast Hoisting length 9.6 m 
    Adjusting angle 0°- 90°
    Drilling angle 45°- 90°
    Feeding stroke 4700 mm 
    Slippage stroke 1100 mm 
    Others Total Weight 25000 kg 
    Transportation Dimensions (L x W x H) 8300 x 2400 x 3260
    Mud pump กก BW 320
    Foot clamp กก 55.5 ~ 117.5mm (Via hole Φ154 mm) 


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