Liner shale shaker is the third generation shale shaker, it was widely used for oil industry and had ideal use effect.


    1.Take in solid works ANSNY to analyses to improve the design
    2.Material: SS304 or Q345 high quality alloy
    3.Shaker deck: heat treatment
    4.Surface rust removal: shot blasting
    5.Vibration motor: Italy Oli motor
    6.Primer paint aviation special coating; Finish paint heavy anti-corrrosion
    7.Electronic components: Schneider or Siemens

    Model PS703 ZS703 ZS833 ZS633
    Vibrating motion Balanced elliptical Linear Linear Linear
    Treating capacity 130m³/h 120m³/h 140m³/h 100m³/h
    Motor power 1.94+1.0KW 2X1.72KW 2X1.72KW 2X1.5KW
    Vibrating strength 7.2G 7.2G 7.2G 7.2G
    Deck adjustment -1° -1° -1° -1°
    Screen size 700X1250 700X1250 700X1250 695X1050
    Screen area 2.6m² 2.6m² 2.7m² 2.4m²
    Dimension 2900X1700X1650 2900X1700X1650 2900X1785X1650 2900X1600X1650
    Weight 1400KG 1300KG 1680KG 1250KG
    Air pressure Capacity test from the drilling mud with density is 1.2g/cm, viscosity 45S,screen mesh 40


      shale shaker,Liner shale shaker,solid control, oil drilling, oilfield

      shale shaker,Liner shale shaker,solid control, oil drilling, oilfield











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